The Constitution describes the governance and administrative structure of Grace United Church. It consists of a single document. Additional reference documents, the appendices, have also been provided for information, but do not form part of the Constitution.

Grace United Church is also subject to the rules and regulations mandated by the United Church of Canada. These are described in The Manual of the United Church of Canada.

PDFGrace United Church Constitution


Appendix 1: Council People Procedures
1.1 Holy Manners
1.2 Conflict of Interest Policy
1.3 Complaint Resolution Process Policy
1.4 Confidentiality Policy
1.5 Privacy Policy
1.6 Nominations Committee
1.7 Occupational Health and Safety Procedures Policy
1.8 Harassment and Workplace Violence Procedure Policy
1.9 Accessible Service Plan Policy
1.10 Baptism Policy
1.11 Awards and Plaques Policy
1.12 Marriage Policy

Appendix 2: Council Financial
2.1 Memorial Fund Policy
2.2 Financial Review Committee
2.3 Specified Donations Policy
2.4 Legacy Fund Policy
2.5 Youth Initiative Fund Policy
2.6 Lay Leadership Development Fund Policy
2.7 Communications Initiatives Fund Policy

Appendix 3: Annual Review
3.1 Model of Multiple Staff Ministry
3.2 Annual Review Timeline

Appendix 4: Council Property & Other
4.1 Security Arrangements
4.2 Funeral Policy
4.3 Charitable Gaming Policy
.4 Rental Policy