Grace United Church was founded in 1956 to serve the north-end of Sarnia. We have remained faithful to that call, and continue to be an inclusive, intergenerational, community partner. We thank you for considering a financial gift to Grace United Church.


Giving MethodDescriptionCosts of GiftTax ReceiptHow to Arrange
Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)

Monthly automatic bank transfer for an amount you choose. Never more or less.

Consider your gift annually, and chose an amount that fits your budget.

The easiest way to give. No messing about with envelopes every week.

NoneFrom Grace United Church annuallyFill out the PAR form and submit to Office Administrator, Lori Armstrong
Cash or Cheque in personal Offering envelopesEnvelopes are in the pews, but personalized envelopes may be requested for the year.

Children's offering envelopes may also be requested.

Cheques should be made out to "Grace United Church".

Church pays the cost of personalized envelopes.

Church volunteers count cash and cheques following each service.

From Grace United Church annuallyContact Office Administrator, Lori Armstrong
SecuritiesTax receiptable transfer of stocksStandard stock broker trading feeFrom Grace United Church annuallyContact Office Administrator, Lori Armstrong
Legacy BequestIn memory of a loved one or special occasion such as Graduation, Baptism, ConfirmationNoneFrom Grace United Church annually or upon receipt of giftReview the Planned Giving Workbook and contact Office Administrator, Lori Armstrong for more information.
FundScripPurchase gift cards for a variety of retail stores, and a portion of the revenue will be donated to Grace United Church.NoneNoneSign-up at FundScrip


Regardless of which method you choose, donors are encouraged to make non-specified donations. If you are considering a specified donation (ex. the United Church of Canada Mission & Service Fund), please review the Specified Donations Policy. Events sponsored by or held at Grace United Church may have specified targets other than the operating fund of Grace United Church.


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