• Friendship Room refurbished
  • Roof Replacement Projects
      Roof over the south Sanctuary entrance
      Flat Roof over the Offices and Main Kitchen
      Roof over the Friendship Room
      Roof over the Gym
  • Accessibility Projects
      Accessible Entrance at Main Kitchen Entrance
      Sanctuary Entrance Ramp & Handrail
      Sanctuary Pew Modifications
      Family Washroom upgraded
      Accessible Entrance into the Sanctuary
      Accessible Entrance at the Main East Entrance near the office area
  • Sanctuary lighting & fans upgraded
  • Lighting upgrades, renovations and painting in the Nursery & Children`s Worship Rooms

   Work in Progress

  • Gym Floor - 3 options are feasible for replacing the tile. We will make a decision on the plan in Q4
  • Sanctuary HVAC - A detailed plan was developed to replace the HVAC Units at the end of life (likely in 2-5 yrs).

Fundraising. Although our formal fundraising campaign is now completed, we will continue to accept contributions. We also appreciate that some families have committed to contribute for a few more months.

Total funds raised to date are not sufficient to fund the cost of the remaining projects. The Growth & Giving Team will make recommendations to Council on path forward.

Ways to Give.  The original campaign brochure, "Growing Our Future with Grace", suggested several different ways to give to the project. The brochure is available from the office or on the web at www.graceucsarnia.com. Perhaps you would like to Pick Up the Tab for an entire project or part of a project.  Please contact Bill Palmer for more information.

Future Events.  The proceeds from "Festive Celebration" on December 16 will be directed tot he Growth & Giving Campaign. Contact Jan Jordan for details.

Grace United Church is more than a building. We are an inclusive, intergenerational, community partner. Our building is one way -- an important way -- that we share our gifts with the larger community and reach deeply into the lives of many other people.

Click here for more information Growth & Giving Brochure