The first members received into a pastoral charge are referred to as "Charter Membres." This is the list of names as it appeared in the bulletin at the first communion service on January 20, 1957 (with minor typo corrections).


H.B. Baldwin
Mrs. H.B. Baldwin
Mrs. B. Barrons
Robt. E Bothwell
Mrs. RE Bothwell
Mr. Mac Campbell
Mrs. Mac Campbell
AJ. Chitovas
Mrs. AJ. Chitovas
Allan Clarkson
Mrs. A. Clarkson
Allan Clarkson, Jr.
Miss Marilyn Clarkson
Jack Cleave
Mrs. J. Cleave
Ross Cole
Hadley Cole
Mrs. H. Cole
G.H. Davis
Mrs. G.H. Davis
Mrs. Ross Duncan
Jason Durance
Mrs. J. Durance
Louis A. Eddy
Delmar Ellis
Mrs. D. Ellis
Royce Evans
Mrs. R Evans
E.L Finch
Mrs. E.L. Finch
Miss Edith Finch
A.C. Fisher
Mrs. A.C. Fisher
Roy Fleming
Mrs. R. Fleming
D.H. Francis
Mrs. D. Francis
A.W Ferguson
Mrs. A. Ferguson
WA. Gilchrist
Mrs. W.A. Gilchrist
Mrs. J. F. Gracey
W.R. Guggisberg
Mrs. W Guggisberg
M.H. Hammond
Mrs. M. Hammond
Miss S. Hammond
J.  E. Harris
Mrs. J. Harris
J.E. Heath
Mrs. J.E. Heath
Steve Hango
Mrs. S. Hango
J.W. Hamilton
Mrs.J. Hamilton
J. Hockney
M. Grant Hoskins
Mrs. G. Hoskins
Mr. Wm. Hutchinson
Mrs. Wm. Hutchinson
W.W. Hyde
Mrs. W.W. Hyde
Miss Barbara Hyde
C.N. Ireland
Mrs. C.N. Ireland
C.G. Joynt
Mrs. C.G. Joynt
George Keith
Mrs. G. Keith
Mr. J.E King
T.K. Lester
Mrs. T.K. Lester
D. Livingstone
Mrs. D. Livingstone
Lorne Longley
Mrs. L. Longley
Mrs. E. Marchand
J. Marlow
Mrs. J. Marlow
Stan Morphet
Mrs. S. Morphet
Thos Moore
Mrs. T. Moore
Mrs. Geo Moore
Dr. W. Moore
Mrs. W. Moore
F. Morton
Mrs. E Morton
Mrs. W.R McFarlane
Mr. W.R McFarlane
G. McGregor
Mrs. G. McGregor
Miss J. McGregor
G.B. MacCoy
Mrs. G.B. MacCoy
Mrs. H. MacCaw
Lyle McKinlay
Mrs. Lyle McKinlay
Meredith Orr
Mrs. M. Orr
Mr. Norman Payne
Mrs. Norman Payne
John Porter
Mrs. J. Porter
Ken Plumley
Mrs. K. Plumley
T. Running
Mrs. T. Running
F. Scott-Pearse
Mrs. E Scott-Pearse
J. Shouldice
Mrs. J. Shouldice
Stuart Shanks
Mrs. S. Shanks
A.E. Sims
Mrs. A.E. Sims
D. Spradbrow
Mrs. D. Spradbrow
R.C. Sykes
Mrs. R.C. Sykes
G.E Stanlake
Mrs. G. Stanlake
A.C. Stapleford
Mrs. A.C. Stapleford
C.M. Stone
Mrs. C.M. Stone
Jack Taylor
Mrs. J. Taylor
Donald Thain
Mrs. D. Thain
Earl Thompson
Mrs. Earl Thompson
D.O. Turner
Mrs. D.O. Turner
Percy Truscott
Mrs. P. Truscott
D. Varty
Mrs. D. Varty
Len Verity
Mrs. L. Verity
Larry Walker
Mrs. L. Walker
Roy Westgate
Mrs. R. Westgate
J.N. White
Mrs. J.N. White
Mrs. Arthur White
Mrs. Fred Withers
W. Woolvet
Mrs. W. Woolvet

(The following additional names appear on the written Communion Roll for the same Sunday but did not appear on the printed bulletin)
Ross Calvert
Mrs. R Calvert
Ted Gawinski
Mrs. T. Gawinski
Alvin Junek
Mrs. A. Junek
Ross Lindsay
Mrs. R Lindsay
Geo Lucas
Mr. G. Lucas
Ronald Moir
Mrs. R Moir
M. Stephenson
Mrs. M. Stephenson
George Taylor
Mrs. G. Taylor
Ronald Taylor
Patricia Taylor
Fred Waddell
Mrs. F. Waddell